UNMDG Project in Brgy Alabang Sitio San Roque

Last Jan 30, 2015, JCI Alabang and the team of Councilor Robert Baes implemented a UNMDG project in Barangay Alabang Sitio de San Roque. 

The community of Barangay Alabang Sitio San Roque is located near the Laguna Lake. Their houses elevated and built on stilts.

In line with the UN Millenium Development Goal, Eliminate Hunger and Poverty, the group distributed toasted siopao, children’s milk, toys, and canned goods to more than 100 people.

This project is not possible without the cooperation of the Barangay Alabang Sitio San Roque president Edwin and Councilor Baes and his amazing team.

Project chairman: VP for External Affairs Lester Baes
Participants: President Aimee Flordeliza, Secretary KC Ang, Neil Ong


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