JCI Alabang has several projects in our pipeline and we are constantly updating this area once we have implemented each project for this year. Our goal is to have a balanced mix of socio-civic, social and business related projects for our members so they can fully appreciate the value that JCI brings to them and the community.

Here is a list of our current projects

1.Stairway to Haven Partnership – This is a partnership between Haven for Children and JCI Alabang, this partnership will last for 2 years and we plan to make this into an umbrella project with many sub-projects that can help the kids of Haven for Children.  To date, some projects completed are the Lego Turnover project, Books N’ Roses, Basketball Clinic, and Good Global Values Mural Painting.

2. A-Circles – This is a series of activities that aim to strengthen the JCI Alabang network, within the members, JCI network, and different industries.

3. Disaster Preparedness and Relief – We are in talks with various groups to be able to support different areas in need of help.  As a start, we are working to send school supplies to at least 200 students in Tacloban and Leyte.


If you wish to be part or sponsor our projects, please contact us through our Facebook page.