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My Avante Experience by Miguel Carandang

Avante, Up the Ante

It was an early Saturday morning for President Aimee, Immediate Past President Vicky and myself. We were on the way to the JCI Avante Seminar held by JCI Manila. I honestly did not know what to expect, was it a social event disguised as training? Was it all JCI related hullabaloo that I did not yet understand? Would I fit in? Or was it going to be extraordinarily uncomfortable? All I know is that I got a pleasant surprise.

Not only did I get a wealth of knowledge when it came to training people, marketing my business\JCI, Social Enterprises, the youth of the nation but I was also much inspired.

This inspiration was not just to better other people’s lives, but my own as well through helping other people and at the same time strategically helping myself on the way.

I realized that we all are a powerful vehicle for change as an individual and JCI is a powerful machine of nationwide nay, global individuals of change. After the seminar all we could honestly say was GALING! At kaya natin din maging magaling.

We as individuals can create positive change. The Avante event not only proved that but inspired me to make lifelong decisions about the way I handle things from now on and gave me some useful tools on how to further empower myself and others for positive change. All this while meeting cool and friendly people who were all smiles too! I fit right in and had fun meeting open minded new people.

This change we can create through our projects, like in the case of the fantastic speakers were assisted by JCI into not just community centric projects, but these projects also turned into successful nationwide endeavours. It made me think big and in a feasible manner.

SO… are you having a crappy week or month? relationships or career bugging you down? Get recharged at one of the JCI events, take a chance and attend and you will be surprised how much you are rewarded and surprise yourself with the reassurance that everything is ok and we are part of a bigger family and that everything ok can be great and even better!


Miguel Carandang is the JCI Alabang Director for Recruitment and Fellowship.  

Avante, Up the Ante

Bayanihan Center, Mandaluyong

Jan 24, 2015.

Hosted by JCI Manila



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