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Help Nepal!

Help Nepal
Help Nepal

Help Nepal


Devastation. Destruction.

In the wake of the recent 7.8-magnitude earthquake, despair continues to spread through Nepal like wildfire. The most powerful earthquake that has hit Nepal in over 80 years, it is clearly evidenced in the death toll that is already up to over 4,000 and still counting, with at least 10,000 hurt as well. Apart from the shattered temples, toppled houses and collapsed buildings in capital Kathmandu, up to 70% of the houses in the rural areas near the quake’s epicenter in Gorkha have reportedly been destroyed, leaving over eight million people in 39 districts affected and in need of food, water, sanitation and shelter. Hospitals are facing problems of inadequate space and supplies, leaving the victims increasingly vulnerable to disease and death.

The Nepali government is struggling in their relief efforts and they need all the assistance and support they can get. In light of this, let us take time to lend a helping hand to those in need through monetary donations. This can be done through Junior Chamber International Alabang, who will send the money over to Save the Children Philippines and to JCI Philippines who, in turn, will use it to purchase supplies for the earthquake victims. JCI Philippines is in close coordination with JCI Nepal to send help.  JCI Alabang will also send donations to the worldwide JCI relief effort, JCI Operation Hope, where funds will be used to support JCI’s collaboration with the U.S. Fund for UNICEF to organize a mass effort to meet the needs of the children affected by this tragedy.

To donate, please make checks payable to Junior Chamber International Alabang, Inc. or deposit amount to our BPI account under Junior Chamber International- Alabang, Inc. with account number 0081-0608-27 and email deposit slip to jclimjanette@gmail.com.Meet-ups to pick up donations may also be arranged if it is more convenient. For any questions about the organization and relief efforts, please do not hesitate to contact JCI Alabang Treasurer Janette Lim at 0917-5340541. Listed below are the available JCI Alabang solicitation packages for Nepal.

Nepal needs us! Only through our efforts of action can they fight through this tragedy and emerge victorious.

You may visit these links for more information about the relief efforts:




Package Amount
A. advertisement in our website for 3 months that can form as company CSR + 1 general membership meeting invite —————-P 10,000

B. advertisement in our website for 1 month that can form as company CSR  —————-P 5,000
C. 1 general membership meeting invite  —————-P 1,000
D. Acknowledgment for supporting the Nepal drive (in JCI Alabang website)  —————- P 500 and below

I agree to help Nepal . I have selected the following participation:

Date of Sponsorship:
JCI Alabang Solicitor:


About JCI Alabang: JCI Alabang is one of the chapters of the JUNIOR CHAMBER INTERNATIONAL or JCI (formerly known as the ‘Jaycees’), the world’s leading global network of young active citizens with 7,000 members in the Philippines and 200,000 more from 128+ different countries whose main goal is to provide development opportunities that empower young people to create positive change. A major part of JCI Alabang’s purpose of existence is to become the avenue of hope for those in need and to contribute to solving not only local issues but global as well.


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