Our Flagship Projects

We in JCI Alabang believe that the principles of creating impact to ones community is likened to a pebble thrown in calm waters. A small insignificant stone thrown at a flat body of water can create ripples that reaches the farthest side of the pond. It is with this principle that we believe a small change you do to yourself and to your neighbors would eventually create a tide of change in the world later on. These small stones which we call our flagship projects were done to heed to the call of change. Since its revival in 2014, JCI Alabang has developed 7 flagship projects, all different in theme but same in principle – to make this world a better place to live in. We have projects that teaches the value of reading, a project that fights cancer, a project that mentors business leaders and a project that promotes peace to name a few. Get to know more about them here!

Peace in a Cup

Peace in Mindanao is a current issue but together we can help promote peace through livelihood in Mindanao. Peace in a Cup is a joint project of JCI Alabang, Coffee for Peace & BrewsCo in promoting livelihood in conflict areas. We source our coffee beans direct from the farmer coops in Mindanao and paying above market price for their extra hard work exerted in their coffees.
By purchasing Peace in a Cup coffees, you are helping our coffee farmers have a better life, help them send their kids to schools, get out of debt and lessen the reason to join armed militants.

Gumball Rally

The Gumball Rally is an initiative by JCI Alabang and JCI Lipa to aid those less fortunate people who have been suffering from cancer. There are people in the community who could not afford the expensive medicines and medical costs needed for their cancer treatments. This is the reason why the Gumball was started, to rally all car enthusiasts to bring their sports cars and drive in a motorcade to show the nation that JCI is riding to fight Cancer.

Stairway to Haven

“For three years, JCI Alabang has continuously supported the hopes and dreams of the boys of Haven for Children. This unwavering support will always be present as JCI Alabang believes that every child has the right to have access to good health and education”
This project was started by our most exemplary member, Lester Baes, who always wanted to help uplift the lives of the boys from HFC, started this exemplary project. He is now a councilor of Muntinlupa City working to bring greater positive change with his new responsibilities.

A Circles

JCI Alabang realized that one of the ways on how inequality can be reduced is to spread awareness among its stakeholders –the businessmen and women, and the youth. Thus, A­Circles Business Forum is born. Now on in third year, this year’s A­Circles initiative was born out of the desire to educate business oriented individuals, especially the youth, on how they can impact their lives and as well as the lives of other people through the different perspectives of businesses. In order to ensure that the value ­added knowledge obtained by the participants is topnotch, A­Circles invited individuals who showed excellence, competence and dedication in their respective fields of business.


“Volunteers are seldom paid not because they are worthless, but because they are priceless.

These words were instilled in the minds of each JCI Alabang member at the start of the year to promote its drive to recruit more volunteers. Now on its 4th year from revival, the group is now more solid than ever and is in a hunt for quality members who have the heart and passion to serve others.

Realizing that some members are already bound to “graduate” from JCI, the group decided to tap the younger and more dynamic millennials who lead the workforce of today. With this in mind, JCI Alabang revamped the old structure of the Opportunity to Impact and made it more personal by getting speakers that are either “super members” or current or past Board of Directors who would share their life stories and how their lives have significantly changed through JCI.


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